Notice of Stormwater Discharge

The following jurisdiction, the Town of Trail Creek, 211 Rainbow Trail, Trail Creek, Indiana 46360 intends to discharge stormwater into the following watershed:

Receiving Water (No. of Outfalls)
14-Digital Hyrdologic Unit ID
Trail Creek
East Branch of Trail Creek
West Branch of Trail Creek

And is submitting a Notice of Intent letter to give notice to the Indiana Department of Environmental (IDEM) that the Town of Trail Creek does intend to comply with the Indiana Code requirements 327 IAC 15-13 to discharge stormwater run-off ssociated with Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4).

Inquires or Questions please direct to:

Town of Trail Creek
Town of Trail Creek Town Hall
Joshleen Denham, Clerk/Treasurer
211 Rainbow Trail
Trail Creek, Indiana 46360
(219) 872-2422